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Riverbend is guided by three “Big Ideas”. We seek to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples

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Surprised by Hope - Session 6

Resurrection. Heaven. Jesus’s Second Coming. Salvation. They are all intricately connected to the Body of Christ: His Church. And his church has a commission to live out.

Check out this week’s video, Hope of the Church:

Surprised by Hope - Session 5

When you think of salvation, do you think of being saved from something bad (Hell)? Or maybe you think about being saved to something good (Heaven). But do you think in terms of being saved for something?

Salvation is more than just rescue. It is closely tied to judgement. Judgment is understood best as justice. Putting things in right order. We have been saved to be God’s justice through Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. Spend some time wrapping your head around that idea!

Here is this week’s video: Hope of Salvation.

Suprised by Hope - Session 4

This week we tackle the second coming of Jesus.

Here’s the video from class. As you determine if you agree or disagree, always seek scripture, pray, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide.

Surprised by Hope - Session 3

Our Surprised by Hope series continues with Week 3 of Surprised by Hope: Hope of Heaven.

If you are following along with the Sunday morning or Wednesday evening groups, here is this week’s video:

Reminder that we have copies of the discussion guide available. Ask and we’ll email you a copy or pick one up at the office. Join us Wednesday night for a continuing discussion of what we are learning.

See you this Wednesday and/or Sunday!