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Riverbend is guided by three “Big Ideas”. We seek to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples

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But . . .

Have you ever hear someone say “I really want to do this but ….”. Or how about “I believe such and such but …”

Have you ever said something like that?

The reality of life is that we can only live on one side of the “but”. Sure, we may think we mean the first half of a “but” statement. We may even actually mean it or believe it to an extent. However, what drives our beliefs and our behaviors is the the last half of the sentence – the part that comes after the but.

As Paul wrote the early church, he often set up many of the truths we need to learn as “but” statements. These were important, life changing truths. And it matters which side of the “but” we take as truth.

We’ll gather tomorrow at 11a to worship, to experience God’s presences, and wrestle with what we really believe.

See you in the morning.

What's In the Bible VBS

We’d love to see you this week at Vacation Bible School! We have classes for kids AND adults! There’s lots of games, fun and learning all wrapped up in two hours. 6:30—8:30 each night…hope to see you!

MyFriends.Church starts today!

Snowy weather delayed it a week, but it’s finally here!

MyFriends.Church launches today!

MyFriends.Church is the cooperative ministry of four Evangelical Friends Congregations located in Lenawee County, MI.

To kick off this great new adventure we are sharing our pastor team in a teaching series across all four locations over the next month. We’ll wrap up with an all church celebration at the end of the teaching series

Each of the pastors on our pastoral team will be teaching on one our four core qualities as MyFriends: Grace, Worship, Community, and Outreach.

Make sure you are part of this. Join us today Center, Valley, TheRIver, or Rollin!

Services for February 1, 2015 Are Cancelled Due to Weather

We have cancelled services for today due to weather and road conditions.

Currently there are about four inches of new snow on the roads. Local police and snow plow services have reported that many roads have not been plowed. They are passable if you drive a larger vehicle and go slow. However, conditions are expected to continue to deteriorate through the day.

Be safe, and remember – it is good and proper to lead your family in worship in your home!.