Welcome to The River!

"TheRiver" is actually a nickname we go by. Our full name is Riverbend Friends Church. It tends to get shortened to Riverbend Church or just Riverbend. Our favorite is "TheRiver". It has a double meaning. We are located at where The River Raisin enters Red Mill Pond. So literally, we are @TheRiver. It also reminds us that the Bible tells us that life flows from God like a river.


We are big on the idea of community. Why? Because the Bible makes a big deal about it. We gather together to worship, to learn, to encourage, to laugh, to have fun, to pray, and to serve.


Being a Christian means following Jesus, growing in our understanding of who he is (abiding) and then practicing what he taught (obeying).


Going is as close as your family, friends, and neighbors. It is far as the other side of the world, or any point in between. Going is about serving God and others, using your gifts and talents for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Going is telling people the good news about the Kingdom of God. Going is introducing people to Jesus. It's that simple.

Where & When

Weekly Schedule:


  • 10:00a - The Great Collaboration - Live Stream
  • 11:00a - Riverbend Online Video Conference - Zoom

  • 5:30p - Celebrate Recovery @ Covenant Church

  • 6:30p - Wednesday Life Group

  • 8:00a - Men's Group, Cafe @ The River


  • Temporarily Suspended: All On-site Sunday Morning Programming & Services
  • Riverbend will only be live-streaming services for the remainder of March 2020.
  • God's Bread Basket has suspended serving meals until April 7, 2020.
  • Boy Scout Troop 632 has suspended activities for the remainder of March 2020
  • If you are able to continue your support for our ministry, it is greatly appreciated. Though our services are not being held, our expenses continue.
  • By Mail: Riverbend Friends Church, 9500 Tecumseh-Clinton Highway, Tecumseh, MI 49286
  • By App: Use the free Church Center app to give, register for events, check in, or find groups. Android or iOS
  • By Text: Text any dollar amount to 84321 to give. The first time will walk you through a short set up. After that you can give by texting the dollar amount.
  • Or Click Here To Give Online

Upcoming Events

  • 10:00a - Sunday, March 22, 2020 - The Great Collaboration

    5 Pastors. 5 Churches. 1 God, 1 Service. This Sunday at 10a five area churches will join together for a single live-stream worship service, featuring our five pastors as a panel discussing the big questions and what scripture has to say. Watch Online @ https://riverbend.churchonline.org
  • 11:00a - Sunday, March 22, 2020 - Riverbend on Zoom

    Use your computer, tablet, or phone to join together on a Zoom Conference for a time of discussion and prayer. Click here to join or Click here for more details.